An interlude with cats

Today, as with most days at the moment, I should be concentrating on the all the things left to sort out for my wedding, which hits in just under two weeks. Lots of stationery to design, lots of little details to iron out. As with most days, I’m not doing this at all. Instead, I’m playing with my cats.

Cats can be an extraordinary time-sink, particularly when the weather’s as nice as it is today: no clouds, no wind, steady sun. Block out the nagging feeling that I really ought to be doing something productive, and the hours can fly by.  Today’s interlude has mainly involved lying on the grass (ignoring the fact I haven’t mown the lawn since last autumn) and watching the cats attack anything that moved. Photographing the terrible ferocity with which innocent pieces of grass are torn down and destroyed is very tricky, as locking onto a tumultuous ball of claws can defeat even the best autofocus system. Still, someone’s got to do it.

Cat vs. Grass


At rest





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